Jumpin' Blue - lineup

The Jumpin' Blue lineup:

Robby Fair is a master of guitar tone. Switching between a variety of vintage guitars and amps, he can make you cry with his blue tones or feel like your riding a wave with his reverb-laden surf sounds. In the past he has been the cornerstone of many popular Santa Barbara area bands including King Bee, The Bluesaholics and The Duke Mitchell Band. As a vital component of Jumpin' Blue, Robby is in his comfort zone being front and center on stage. Keep your eyes on him because something wild just might happen!

Joel Jamison did his first gig with The Drivin' Sideways Blues Band in 1978 at Cold Spring Tavern, the infamous Santa Barbara landmark. He has been playing piano and organ with various bands in the area ever since. Joel is not only accomplished on keyboards, his vocals will make you sit up and listen, guaranteed. Some of his influences have been Ray Charles, Greg Allman, Otis Spann and Bill Payne.

JimmyC has been performing around the Santa Barbara area since the mid-80s. He has played in almost every musical combination imaginable, from a single to full bands with horns. In Jumpin' Blue he holds down the bottom on bass but is equally capable of grinding out serious chops on guitar. Jimmy is endorsed by MTD basses and Bartolini pickups.

Tom Lackner is a virtuoso on drums, which has led him to be the most sought after drummer in the Santa Barbara area. Among other bands, he was a founding member of The Pontiax, Spencer the Gardener and Headless Household. When not playing with Jumpin’ Blue, Tom tours and records with Jeff Bridges & The Abiders.

Check out these youthful shots when everyone was just getting started:

Robby at 14 with his

first Fender Jaguar.

Tom on a classic sparkle kit.

JimmyC in the 7th grade.

Joel rockin' it up on guitar and vocals.